Outer Banks (03-2023)

With the month of March comes the new Milky Way season. I went to the Outer Banks hoping for nightly clear skies.

Looking for alternatives to the lighthouses, I explored the Roanoke Island marshes trail. The dead trees provided an interesting foreground. This image was captured at sunset. Turned out that this location has too much light pollution and cell towers for a good image at night.

After sunset, clouds came and remained for the rest of my stay. I then looked at structures as foreground for long exposure photography.  

Going back to Bodie lighthouse using a different focal length and experiment with composition.

The weather forecast was looking better in the southern part of the Outer Banks. Then, I went down to Cape Hatteras lighthouse. In this image, I used a tree to frame the lighthouse. 

The next two images were captured at the old site of the lighthouse. These are remains of the wave barriers that were protecting the lighthouse from the ocean. 

Looking at different points of view, this was done at the beach from the old location of the light house.

On my way back to Nags Head, I stopped at the Rodanthe Pier.

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