Outer Banks (04-2023)

In April, I returned to the Outer Banks for the New Moon. This time, I was very lucky and had two nights with clear skies.

The first night was more to experiment with the  best time and lens to capture the Milky Way and the lighthouse for the best image.

The following images were captured on the second night. The first image was captured closer to the lighthouse with my Rf 16 mm lens. This was captured first since the Milky Way is moving from left to right. 

For the second image, I moved down the boardwalk and captured this image with my Rf 24mm lens. From that point of view, the wider lens makes the lighthouse too small in the frame.

At last, I was very happy to finally have great conditions to capture the Milky Way. I am looking forward to return at the end of the season, when the crowds have left the Outer Banks.

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